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Matthew Werstler’s Work History

May 2010 to Present Shearers Foods Inc. Massillon, Ohio
Sr. Web Application Developer and Analyst
  • I personal developed a Internal Company Sales (ICS) program the automates Intercompany Sales and Purchase Orders saving Shearers Customer Service Associates over twenty hours of work per month. The tool is comprised of a MCV Razor 4.0 user interface utilizing C#, Telerik controls, JQuery, and Entity Framework.
  • Created a MCV Razor 4.0 user interface to help manage vendor related activities with the Shearers IT development team. The site consumes a single Test Driven Developed C# business layer reaching out to several data layers built over Entity Framework.
  • Made improvements to the company sales forecasting logic.
  • Created an EDI user interface utilizing multiple business and data layers.
    • The site interacts with Red Prairie, MAPICs, Gentran, and other internal systems. Pushing and pulling data through various business, data layers, and services.
    • The site uses Net 4.0 ASP.Net Forms: complete with multiple custom built paging, search filters, and data entry forms.
    • I was responsible for all of the UI, and most of the primary business and data layer consumed by the site. The business and data layers were written in C# using Test Driven Development including technologies such as JQuery, AJAX, Subsonic and LINQ.
    • The EDI system contains services for each transaction time (such as 945, 845, etc). I have been evolved in the creation or trouble shooting almost all of them.
    • This EDI system saves Shearers thousands in transaction fees every month, and handles millions in sales.
  • Maintaining and creating data integrations utilizing various technologies including: SSIS, SQL Server Stored Procedures called by SQL jobs and custom C# Integration Services.
  • Creating and maintaining reports using SQL Server Reporting Services utilizing data found multiple SQL Servers and Oracle.
  • Supporting various legacy code comprised from languages and tools referred to above plus: (within multiple frameworks from 1.0 to 3.5), Moo Tools, Source Safe, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, etc.
Jan 2010 to May 2010 Management Recruiters North Canton, Ohio
Software Consulting
Kenan Advantage Group
  • Created a Dashboard in Win Forms ASP.Net 3.5 utilizing AJAX, JQuery, Telerik Controls to push and pull data through custom APIs.
  • Created and updated various reports writing in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).
May 2008 to 2010 Schumacher Homes Canton, Ohio
Application Developer
  • C# Web Application & Client Applications:
    • Consuming XML, SQL Server Databases, and various APIs such as GoogleDocs.
    • Within Multi-Tiered, Object Oriented, and Test Driven Development environments.
  • Frequently utilizing my various SQL Server Development skills including SQL Scripting, Integration Services, and Reporting Services.
  • Created several Flash Web Elements utilizing XML, Video Technologies, and Action Scripting.
  • Using Microsoft based development tools including Visual Studio 2000/2005/2008 with Team Foundation Source Control to work on numerous projects.
  • Maintaining and refactoring online and client-side software written in VBA and VB.Net.
  • Creating and/or formatting various web site artwork with Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Frequently provided management with innovative ways to address present and upcoming problems.
May 2007 to May 2008 Robert Half Technologies Ohio
Software Consulting
Schumacher Homes
  • Agile Programming
  • C# and VB .Net 2.0 and 3.5 Web Development
  • Flash Development
  • SQL Server
  • Made repairs and changes to existing Visual Basic .Net Applications that utilized MS SQL Server
  • Created a multi-Layer Application (2 Presentation, Business Logic, and Data Logic + Connection Layers) using Visual Studios and the following technologies:
    • C#
    • MS SQL
    • MS Access
    • XML
    • XSL
Performance Advisors
  • Project Planning with Text, Flowcharts, and some UML
  • Refigured a several broken VB.Net multi-layered Web Applications.
  • Created C# Multiple Tier application to synchronize data between multiple databases
  • Figure out large MS SQL Server Database structure then wrote a number of statements including Selects, Updates, a Delete, and View Creation statements. Diagnosed missing view data by tracing through numerous join statements and finding missing or incorrectly entered data.
  • Created a small Multiple Tier Web Application which calculated and display student information using VB, C#, and MS SQL Server.
Aug 2006 to May 2008
Jan 2003 to May 2004
Stark State College Canton, Ohio
Adjunct Instructor
ECA122 - Microsoft Application for IT Professionals
ECA228 - Intranet/Internet Design with HTML and XHTML
IMT124 - Intranet/Internet Design Tools
IMT126 - Flash Animation
IMT235 - Flash Web Programming
ECA139 - Microsoft SQL Server Database Design
ECA128 - Visual Basic Programming
Lab Technician
  • Setting up labs for Engineering Students.
  • Designed Data Base driven dynamic ASP web pages on the College’s Intranet, for Engineering Students.
  • Designed - Flash Based Tutorials to aid Students with computer related tasks.
Computer Science and Math Tutor
During the Spring Semester I tutored students in Math, Computer Science, and General Computer Related Applications.

Aug 2004 to Jan 2007 HSE Systems Massillon, Ohio
Web Development
  • Designing and customizing Medical Safety Data Sheets Search Engines in ASP for the factory floors of fortune 500 companies.
  • Spent six months in a development team designing a C# .Net Chemical Inventory solution.
  • Designing new web products and demo solutions in standard ASP and ASP.Net.
  • Writing database views and functions in Oracle and MSS.
  • Maintaining all web based product templates and client sites on our internal Window 2003 Server utilizing five instances of IIS web servers.
  • Personally dealing with 95% of client’s web/intranet support issues and updates with little to no guidance or supervision.
  • Used PowerBuilder, Microsoft’s Visual Studio, and SQL Server 2000.
  • Providing top notch customer service and account management to a handful of companies.
July and Aug of 2004
1999 to 2000
Quality Computers Massillon, Ohio
Computer Technician
  • Computer Repair, Trouble Shooting, and new machine Construction
  • Computer Sales and Demonstrations